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DukeSys focuses on helping our customers create a safe work environment.  This includes both limiting access to your facility from the outside and protecting restricted areas from people on the inside.  We offer customized access control and security solutions for your site. Using technology from a leader in the access control industry, DukeSys will help you develop an ideal solution for your facility.

  • Installation of access control system

  • Stand-alone access control

  • Fingerprint access control

  • Physical access control hardware and software

  • Biometric readers

  • Card readers (swipe or scan)

  • UBand Entry

  • Single and double mag locks

  • Access system accessories

Products and Services Available:

Access control products from DukeSys provide you with comprehensive tools to manage your facility.  With many key features available, the security of your facility can easily be managed just by lifting your finger.

  • Remote Connectivity: With the mobile app, users can connect to and monitor their systems no matter where they are.  Lock and unlock doors, respond to and clear alarms, add new cardholders, view surveillance video and more all from your iPhone® or Android™ device.

  • Maximum door control: There are many different settings available for door control, depending on your needs.  Some available options include if a door is propped open after entry, the scheduling of lock and unlock times, and alarm mapping.

  • Detailed data:  Software can gather a great deal of data while monitoring your facility including how often a door is opened, the last time a cardholder accessed a door, and much more.

  • Cardholder Management:  Save time by creating access groups instead of assigning access to each individual.  Users can create different access groups with different levels of access, and then simply assign individuals to the appropriate group.

  • Last access granted:  View the last door that a particular cardholder accessed, along with the date and time of the access.

Features Available:

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